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Petroleum prices fluctuation puts Nepali public in dilemma

This is the most pathetic situation that has crossed limits, as you might have heard crisis situation creates demand but I do not understand how come when the prices go down there is a  scarcity situation in the market.

As soon as the  Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) issued the  notice of price revision of the petroleum product from Monday night. There was a scarcity of petroleum products in the market.

In bid  to adjusting the petroleum  prices internationally the NOC launched a  new adjustment  mechanism on 29 September, 2014.

With the current price adjustment , petrol will be sold at  Rs 109 per litre,  diesel and kerosene will be sold at Rs 86.50 each per liter.  The NOC has not reduced price of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and aviation fuel. Currently, customers have to pay Rs 1470 for a cylinder of LPG gas.

Last month the newspapers buzzed the  headlines with "President of Nepal's didn't had cooking gas to cook food". Still afer one month the situation is same, the lack of management in the Nepal Oil Corporation certainly proves that the management is completely a failure.

On January 6th the president office Shital Niwas issued letter No: 061/062 with a registration No: 632 to supply cooking gas to the  HP Gas Kathmandu. 

What more could we expect from this country where the people and authorities responsible are not performing their jobs and responsibilities well.

The country  faces a huge challenge in managing its human resource as every time the Petroleum products prices are hiked or even  decreased there is a  crisis situation.  The public have to suffer in both ways no matter what. Nepalese are in a dilemma  whether to be happy or sad about the price fluctuation as both ways they know they would have to face crisis and long lines.
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