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Leadership and its practice

Trying to understand the basics of  leadership, you will have various options and definitions. At various time and interval many experts have forwarded their definition and strategy of leadership.  But with the advent of modern technology and internet the definition and practice of leadership has also adapted the modern ways of its evolution.

Leadership is not just limited within a person or his vision and strategy. It has adopted a coordinated and calculative method of understanding the interest and resources. It a dynamic process of evolving the interest of various  personnel and managing resources accordingly." 

The orthodox practice highlighted something that was more related to building strategy and finding solutions instantly but today's practice involves various research and option of understanding the problems and then forwarding a solution.

No-matter-what  the definitions are leadership depends upon objective and prospect but the end result is to achieve desired goal within stipulated time by maximizing the resources.

If we look at it from a modern perspective, I think leadership is the prospect of studying the interest of various personnel working as a team, there can be two ways of how you direct a leadership.

1. Direct method
2. As a Team

In most of the common practice the chain of command works in one way where the main leader forwards the action  and all the factor works majorly upon his understanding and strategy. He is the sole person  who is responsible for making everything work.

In alternative strategy leadership in a team manages various strategies and resources depending upon the strength and understanding of each team mate. This strategy is getting popular as  it helps to bring various school of ideologies and concept. This helps to create a basic understanding among the resources in coming to a common understanding.  

Leadership is a quality or trade that can been optimized and tweaked upon interest and objective.

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