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Dr KC arrest a question of legality

Dr Govinda KC was arrested on Monday evening after his press conference of launching his 14th fast-unto-death, against the apex court verdict of reinstating Shashi Sharma as the dean of Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine (IOM) who was sacked by the Khil Raj Regmi government on January 22, 2014.

The question here is not about contempt of court  but the question here is about the freedom of speech and expression of saying against the people behind power. Democratic practices and values around the world give people the right to criticized and freely express their views and especially when we talk about public servant and people in leadership,  they need to accept those criticism in the rightful way of further enhancing their performance and capacity.

The political and  power culture of Nepal simply gives the powerful the right to use his power against  the others which is so wrong.

Dr KC is a well know figure he is not a criminal nor does he has any track report of being illegal in any way. The way he was taken into custody was so sad. If only our court system could address all the cases that have been pending for years with such promptness and diligence the whole judicial system could be admired.

But it wont happen because people are not interested in giving relief to the public they are more focused towards getting their own benefits and issues.

There can be an argument about the accusation of Dr KC regarding the justice system but isn't it true that people are suffering especially the poor. Has there been any efforts towards solving all the millions of cases that are pending the court.

A big NO who cares

Even in the legal world late justice means justice denied so how are people suppose to react. The normal public who pay taxes in everything just have to suffer all the time and all the way. what benefits do they get. Nothing and even the tax they pay is not recognized and unseen.

The sad things about this country is the so called leaders have no accountability towards the public and governance. The only things that they have is their personal vested interest.

I think it was a constructive criticism that Dr KC gave which should be further evaluated as his intentions were clear and not illegal in any way of disrespecting the court or judiciary system.

One thing we all have to understand is  this is not the one power system model its a democratic system where there are people and they have  their own individual choice and preference. We have the right to speak and if the judicial system in Nepal is not efficient and effective we should have the right to voice our issues and problems.

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