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Dalai Lama controversy

Everything started when his holiness Dalai Lama speaking at a program  said that Buddha was not a Nepali, not Chinese nor Tibetan but an Indian.
He argued that during the buddha's time there was no Nepal, India, China, Vietnam, Laos and some republics in Russia  were the part of Mahabharata.

This statement of him has created a ripple around the world challenging the the real facts and figure of what was there then and now.

An outrage on social media has been seen against dalai lama in a a so called social media campaign #thelielama and how he is ignoring the fact that UNESCO has authorized the birthplace of Gautam Buddha to be in Nepal.

 The reality is then there was no mapping and there was no country call India china or Nepal. The existence of India came in  recently when the British India company colonized them and they were made visible. prior that it was a scattered country of estates. Just like that the existence of Nepal was not there few centuries ago it was land of the kings who conquered and  fought with each other.

Mr Dalai Lama speaking randomly without any knowledge is a question of  his credibility.
If we say Dalai Lama was born in China which is a reality of today as there is no Tibet  then how would he be able to justify as today there is no Tibet's existence.

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