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Nepal is cursed for Wrong Leadership and Flash Flood

It seems Nepal has been cursed with wounds that falls back one after the other creating a vulnerable situation of instability and corruption...

Niti Shah's Comment on Nepalese women at Miss international 2017

Nitin Shah's  recent comment at the Miss International 2017  beauty pageant on the status of Nepalese women clearly showcases her personal  limited thinking and understanding.

Representing in such an international pageant she should have done her part of the preparation and research. It seems that she was overconfident and she failed to realize that Nepalese women are not just in two categories. Nepalese women  are the one's who are leading the country in various sectors from industrial to politics giving a shoulder competition to men.

Yes, there is an issue of  literacy and we are a least developed country but Ms. Shah please open up your eyes and see what achievements Nepalese women from rural areas  have achieved at various INGOs and other international donor agencies. Apart from that so many modern Nepalese women are fighting for those rural women who have no access to health, education and resources. You could have talked about those women who have secured so much for women leadership and empowerment.

It is said that if you have the will and courage, it doesn't matter what resources you have,  you will mark your presence.

Seriously you destroyed the image of Nepalese beauty internationally. NEPAL was internationally known for so many good things and now you have added PROSTITUTION and uneducated tag.

 It is not their fault that they have no access to the facilities and services that you and me have so they have to live with what is available. I think that is something that we should admire how women of rural areas are fighting their Battle against prejudice and orthodox mentality

Let me tell you so many rural women have secured PHDs and international recognition not because they were deprived and un-hygenic but because they were strong and they had the will and determination to fight against the world to prove to women like you that they have talent and skills.

You have proven that Education doesn't give you the knowledge, a person needs values and experience to have the knowledge.

I think  its this two categories mentality that our country is stuck with.

Men and women have equal rights secured by our constitution. Slavery and prostitution is illegal in Nepal, you really sound as if prostitution is legal and women are sold at every other corner but let me tell you this it is wrong. 

You seriously sound like a rich spoil brat or wanna be girl who has idea about Nepal. I am sorry if i am harsh on you but reality cannot be ignored. 

Indeed you are beautiful but your statement proves you have no brains and represent those limited mentality people who  are ignorant. Being a role model i hope next time you come back to Nepal, you go back to the rural Nepal and ask them why they are so backward and why they care less about their hygiene.  I think it is every educated person's responsibility to raise awareness and work towards bridging the gap.

Sorry but Complaining and blaming wont solve the problem...... 
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