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Republican Day celebrated with awards and recognition

Google Marked Nepal's 10th Republic Day with a doodle of Nepal Flag in its site. Similarly, the government of Nepal marked the Republican day with garnting various awards and decoration to famous and prestigious people.  The Nepal Government awarded 514 persons with various awards on the occasion of Republic Day on Monday.

Some of the Reputed awardee included
1. Prachand's Son Prakash Dahal
2. Dipesh Pun son of vice president

The award to Mr Prakash Dahal Sparked huge anger in Social Media  and later in retaliation Dahal declared not to accept the prestigious award.

It seems these decorations and awards  are given not on the basis of quality of hard work or public service but are given to powerful people in context of their position and nepotism. The Democracy in Nepal has out lash the shame of political culture and  its practice where leaders are subjected to orthodox values and are limited with in selfish values of party politics. 

These awards use to hold the pride and prestige  of a true Nepal but with limited values and bad practice these awards are criticized for waste of government time value and money.

Reality of today with such practice the name and fame of the president and the presidential awards are subjected to criticism only. 

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