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Nepal Election 2017 : Women empowerment Vs Tokenization

The local level election in Nepal which is schedule to happen on 14th  May 2017 has a historic value as its happening nearly after 20 years. This year the number of women candidates and participation seems pretty convincing but on the contrary women are being used in this election as weapon of attraction and as a token. Women all over the world have the equal right to fight for their existence and leadership but sadly giving space for few elite group of people to position power and leadership is not a condition of empowerment and leaders but its a weak practice of democratic values. True Women equality and leadership gives value and scope for fair opportunity for women all over Nepal to participate, lead and learn. Women equity and empowerment ensures true values of education, and health giving focus towards learning, growth and development opportunity which inspires true leadership.

Though it may sound rude but reality is from Bibeeksheel to any other party they are competing against launching young women and inexperience leaders for the local level election. This is not a competition of showcasing women just for the sake of manipulation or politics. With this kind of lobbying women have more cons then pros focusing towards their existence in patriarchy society. Women leadership should not be a promulgating factor just for the sake of equality it should be free and should have no boundaries.

One has to understand that after the federal state practice the Mayor or local level representative will have extensive powers.

Ranju Darshana She is a young lady of 21 years old, currently pursuing bachelors' degree in development studies. She could be the youngest candidates for the position of mayor in the local level elections. She has a limited experience of 3 years of work experience with volunteering in Bibeeksheel with their scope of interest.

Ujwaal Thapa the party chairman seems to be pretty dynamic about his new approach but when it comes to the whole ideology of politics the limitation of experience and skills simply reflect the level of leadership and skills that the whole party resonates.

  1. How can he assure that Ranju is the perfect candidate as she is young and in-experienced, her level of work and skills are limited within the party work objective that she has been exposed to other than that she is naive 
  2.  We have been opposing the party politics of Nepal and putting an in experience candidate upfront doesn't it represent  power politics manipulated by party politics
  3. I certainly support the women movement but tokenization of young woman in the name of  equality will trend issues of  quality leadership and opportunity for the deserving candidates
  4. In Nepal the population ratio shows that there are limitation of education, health and opportunity. A qualified women or leader means equality but a unqualified and in experienced  woman  represent the orthodox patriarchy society
  5. Favoritism and Nepotism of diversity, age and sex is not a proper answer to the Democratic values

What are the true values of women empowerment and leadership ?
is it the skills, abilities and 
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