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MISS Nepal 2017: what a waste of time and effort

The Miss Nepal 2017 was a perfect example of how the so called wanna be attitude of modern values is getting into the prestigious The Miss Nepal Title. Miss Nepal from its past has been lobbying the concept of a true values of a Nepali woman who is strong, confident and can lead.  

But after witnessing the event  this year, I felt it is derailing to a point of Fakeness and presumptuous values and image of a ENGLISH speaking city girls.

It was all about " कनी कनी ईंग्लिश बोल्ने " what can we expect from women who have such limited perspective. If you look at the trend the MISS WORLD pageant has been ruled by the Latin women in the past. These women do not speak English or they have very poor level of knowledge English.

They won because they have the values and tradition of their countries , this doesn't mean I am being orthodox about cloths or I am trying to say go back to the eighties. But hey if you are representing in an international event with the tag line, "Daughter of Nepal" wearing and showcasing all the ethic dresses and ornaments and you are just faking your language trying to speak English that's a complete disaster.

A true miss Nepal should have the leadership, knowledge and confidence of  who she is. It is not about being a Newar, Bahun, Madeshi, Bhote, Kshetri, Muslim or Christian, its the value of the RED and BULE that makes us the #Nepali not faking accent.      
Language certainly deserves more in a Platform like this but the organizers have certainly list it in the low priority which is really sad. It is my request to Kathmandu Jaycees that if we follow this like past Miss Nepal contestants we will not be able to represent in the international forum but it would be a misrepresentation.    

Let talk about the host Mr Sanjay Gupta is a very popular Emcee of Nepal and I appreciate his level of confidence and English speak Talent. Man we all know you are really good but like said when you put too much of  spice in any dish it becomes overruled and spoils the dish just like that your accent was very heavy on the show. Please try to make it shuttle and keep it simple because it matters. The show was about confident Nepali women who would be representing Nepal  not about English speaking hosts.

Subechhya Khadak, we all know you have worked hard and how you have struggled in terms of modelling and even in Miss Nepal back in the days. We appreciate your growth but hey when you talk about someone from Nepal who did achieved in the international scenario you being part of the Miss Nepal need to give respect. Being an Emcee you are addressing them with no respect please check your skills and if possible try going for a better Nepali speaking training school.

"बैनी #नेपालीको  त्रैनिङ चाँही फेरी लिनु "

Just being loud and trying to speaking good English doesn't make you the perfect emcees, it is all about the balance and collaboration.  

I am not an expert nor do I mean to offend but just an understanding of how we see it through the television. Right or wrong you have every right to criticize me  

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