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Big Digital Screen at Boudanath stup

A big digital screen which was set up at Boudhanath Stupa Premises from last month showcasing various life stage of Siddhartha Gautam Bouddha has been officially sanctioned to be removed from the stupa premises. The screen saw a huge objection and outcry of citizen and visitors in social media.  

Boudhanath Stupa is listed in the world heritage site where new construction or any sort of addition ( technological or material)  is prohibited.

How can any one be so fool to make a digital screen of bright lights and colors in the middle of the stupa. It is famous for both nepali citizens and foreigner for its peaceful and symbolic meaning of mystic values that are hidden in the silence and simplicity. This really shows Nepalese  have no value of what we have in terms of culture and tradition. We always run after the so called inhibition of life that are worthless.

If you look at it closely you will know what is a big digital screen doing in a stupa, people don't come there to watch anything. people come there for peace and tranquility. It is just like doing an extra make up over a woman's face with a awkward symbolic value. Sometime people just push it too much in view of their glorified essence that they do not the simple and value of easy available things. They just want things to be glittery , glamorous and funky.


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