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Sujata Koirala received 5 million for her treatment

The Prachanda led Nepali Government on Nov 14, 2016 granted 5 million to Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala for medical treatment of her breast cancer. Though there has been a huge debate about whether the decision is right or not but frankly speaking I think spending so much of money that too in a foreign country does not send  a good message from the Nepalese Medical Industry. Sujata is a political leader and her contributions should be acknowledged in every possible way, giving her 5 million in the name of her contribution is not justifiable in any way. The people involved should be brought by the book.  

Political leaders are Volunteers and people who have the capacity and money should bear their own cost rather than being a burden to the whole country economy.

There has been news reported in various medias where people living in poverty have committed suicide in absence of paying money for their medical  bills and here millions are wasted in the name of rich politicians who have their own business and status.

The political culture of  Nepal has degraded so much that these political leaders demand their salary, benefits and allowance and after that also they look for medical support.

The way political leaders are spending public money in foreign lands in name of medical treatment are whopping the charts which is certainly questionable.

Recently after the Ex-president Ram Baran Yadav's medical expenses the current health minister Gagan Thapa showed his discontent over the misuse of the money.      

The Cabinet meeting on Sunday decided to allocate the fund for Koirala’s treatment despite the public outcry. Leader Koirala is in Singapore for a follow-up treatment at St Luke's Hospital. 

Similarly, Health Minister Gagan Thapa, who has been very open about the issue seems to be pretty silent about the issue. He was seen speaking against the issue but there has been no action taken.
I think Health Ministry comes under his responsibility and if he cannot do anything about his party political leaders then what will he do in regards to others.

Mr Gagan just by blaming the party of leadership things won't change for change you have to make hard decision and I think he has no balls in doing so.

Shame shame puppy shame !!!!!

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