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No Democracy in Nepal: Pranab Mukherjee's visit failed at public level

Photo Source THT

Photo Source THT
With controversy and people outraged, the visit of the Indian president Pranab Mukherjee may be considered successful at diplomatic level but at public level people are furious with the actions and measures that were taken in the name of security. Normal people were completed restricted and were confined in major areas where even ambulances were restricted from using the roads.

The visit may have decreased the coldness in between the Indo-Nepal relationship but at public level the anti-Indian feeling has stretched, in view of the problems and consequences that the normal public had to face during these 3 days. Nepalese all over the world are critising the political leadership of not being accountable to Nepali citizens.

"They listen and do everything as per India, all the politcal leaders are agents, dalal of India. If Nepalese cannot use the roads just because an Indian president is passing by that is insane. Have some balls political leaders shame on you, " said santosh ray a student.        

The Nepal government announced a public holiday on 2 November where all the roads to be used were completely shut down.

As per Today, the Nepal government has issued a new notice that people who were arrested during the protest of Pranab Mukherjee will be trialed aginst public offense act.
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