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Social Media Crisis Lands Suman Kharel's journalism in question

The whole nation stopped at Kanchan Sharma Regmi when she was featured in a national Television shows Suman Sanga run by a reputed journalist Suman Kharel. To be very precise the whole nation cried with sorrows and social media was flooded with trolls and memes of what happened and what could be done to provide relief to Kanchan. Thousands cursed and wrote things of horror for her villain husband Mohan Regmi and his family who abandon Kanchan in such state. It was a great example of how #SocialMediaCrisis can make you feel when you see yourself in the media as a Dusta Aatma born to be evil. Limiting that can be a scene but breaching personal space and your own message box full with curses and photos trolling around can be a serious pain in the ass.

Getting back to the interview, Kanchan who was portrayed to be a forlorn woman was outcasted by her husband and sons due to her physical disability and physical features. It was told that she was rescued  by Dikshya Chapagain from the pile of garbage in an unconscious state. During the program Kanchan also reveals that she lived a life of a beggar and strived for hunger-fighting her motherhood in the apathy of her children's love. She was abandon and was left alone to suffer. Apart from that she also reveals she had no access to her rights and she was mentally and psychologically weakened by her husband in ways of drowning her towards depression.

Things started turning in when immediately next day the poem that she recited was  claimed by another person. Even from other side  her ex-husband and few people who knew her started  writing about the reality of Kanchan Sharma Regmi.


Suman Kharel: 

1. He should have verified the story with sources
2. He should not have limited his creativity to just one person, I mean to say indirecting the whole show was promoting Dikshya Chapagain so he should have questioned her role
3. The first rule of Journalism is questioning and  following the WH questions (who what when whom......? this is hugely lacking in terms of sources )
4. There are many loopholes in the story, as when I went through the recorded video in youtube  Kanchan was not fixed about few of the things, He should not have aired the show.
5. Journalism demands professionalism not emotional value which is lacking
Kanchan Sharma Regmi

1.  Kanchan Sharma seems to be very precise about most of the facts but when it comes to details she kind of derail off the topic
2. She was very persistent about Dikshya and her work and brings out her name multiple time as if it was scripted
3. She frequently uses words like ma dhaleko thiyee, mailai sadak bata showing
The more and more days are passing by the reality of Kanchan is coming out with the whole story that she portrayed to be fabricated.

On one side her husband is claiming everything that Kanchan is saying is wrong where as on the another hand the social activist Dikshya Chapagain who has been running Parbitra Sewa Samaj is under questions of her role for the whole fabrication of the story.

My question is would kanchan be able to fabricate the whole story creating a Marketing plus factor for Dikshya Chapagain or was Suman so emotionally blind folded by Dikshya's image in context of interviewing her.

Kantipur indeed is a reputed media house and this is not the first time that reporters have been questioned for their standards but it really matters for what kind of standards are we setting.    

#MohanRegmi case, now there are new twists of how she was rescued on recommendation of #ChandaThapa with new evidence. It seems some social workers of Nepal are also trying to cash the popularity by fabricating stories.
#SumanKharel being a journalist should have been less emotional and have investigated more.
Who is the #culprit ?
Kanchan Sharma who sounds insane or the journalist who fail to validate the information ?
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