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Guthi Bill and the Newars

It is really amazing how people find unity at times of need, likewise in Nepal, millions of people gather around the Mandala, Maitighar to show discontentment against the Guthi Bill. The bill was  proposed by the Oli Government in the parliament that directly targets the present tradition of Guthi which has been facilitating the various Jatras and festivals in the valley.

On its backdrop Guthi tradition is also related with people’s daily lives and livelihood particularly Newari community which stand as a very good example of a community driven society.  

Though the bill has shown a version of Unity factor against the bill but on the same the bill has also highlighted a threat of polarization of communal voice. The Newari community has been voicing the issue of the bill being a direct attack against their community which has provoked a sense of racialism and discrimination.

Yes, the community has every right to stand up for their rights and fight but criticizing and shouting against the other communities is not a question of who is indigenous and who is not. Kathmandu as a city is as equal and important for every individual who has lived and been a part of it. Saying to be a Newar and being part of the kathmandu heritage is being Racist. The communal voices of the Newari people has been long seen as a voice of racism than for identity.

The point is not about just guthi, the point here is about identity and how we will maintain the cultural harmony. Time and again the community brings out the communal voice of kathmandu valley being theirs which is purely unjustified. 

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