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Traffic jam at Mount Everest

Making a record in tourist session, this year Everest has top the charts in news with 381 permits issued from the Nepal Government with approximately another 140 permitted climbers attempting the peak from Tibet setting a record.
It is estimated that  more than 700 summiteers concurred the Everest this year, which includes climbing Sherpas.

At least 20 people have died climbing in the Himalayas this season who died on 8,000-meter peaks this year.

As per the  guides and agencies  the queues at the summit of Everest are not uncommon. This basically  happens due to the unpredictable and sometimes narrow window of suitable climbing weather, which may result in many climbers attempting to reach the summit at the same time.

The biggest challenge for the summit is not just the government. The current challenge is the lack of collaboration among the various stakeholders which has resulted in a chaos in the management and operation of the Everest.

From dead bodies lying at awe to the level of garbage accompanying at the camps, Everest has become a dumping ground for the agencies, the summitters and guides.

The government is blamed all the time but what about the responsibility of the people who are earning billions, the guides and Sherpa who carry out the operation shouldn't they be vigilant about the activities of the travelers. And what about the the travelers who come from developed countries and display a disgraceful behavior of lack of responsibility in dumping their garbage at such heights.

Everest is a the property of the world, if we fail to realize  this and keep argue about the responsibility among us. The Everest will turn into a time capsule of garbage with no turning back....................

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