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  What a shame? When we have worthless  #leaders like these, it's a shame not just to the country but to democratic values. We have sele...

IFFA 2019 in Nepal

IFFA 2019 may sound very interesting and colorful but when you compare it with the investment and work going into it, it seems to be a loss business. What are people in the government thinking  that bringing movie stars they will be a able to brand Nepal. Whats a lousy excuse and idea ?

Lame Lame lame is what i have to say.........................

This clearly show the inefficiency and lack of expertise  of the Nepal Government while doing marketing and promotion. Or who knows the 10 Million invested in the IFFA might be a form of organized corruption happening.

From #marketing and #brand point of view #Nepal is special. It has its own value and name, the current nepal government trying to cash in the #IFFA2019is completely a wrong move...
1. Nepal cannot be re branded by movie star or it is not a commercial consumer product
2. Nepal as a brand is bigger than IFFA
3. The money given is a waste in terms of the people who visit here and their fan following and the tourism clients are different issues of conversion
4. In a promotional event like this investment and revenue generation needs to be scientifically balanced
5. Identifying external opportunity with processing own money is a foolish idea, as promoting other brand which is smaller doesnt help a brand like nepal to make a buzz
What can be done ?
1. Hire SEOs and communication experts to build a campaign.
2. Nepal Tourism board needs aggressive marketing strategy
3. Use the embassy for better communication about the culture and tradition
4. Don't think big, think small and nich market, we have suffered in the past due to big and marketing campaign
5. Collaborate the real values of the people......
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