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#Saptari killings: An act of Human Rights Violation

The Nepal Government has announced the killing of 5 Madeshi Morcha activists during the Saptari an unfortunate incident and has declared...

Nepali Minister shuts down the show after his interview

It sounds autocratic and no Freedom of Expression (FoE) when we hear news like these but it is true. Recently Raju Thapa's 12 years running show "Sidha Kura "on Nepal television a State-owned  Television station was shutdown on the direction of Minister for Communication and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota. During the episode of June 9, Raju Thapa grilled Minister Baskota regarding his property declaration, with mentioning dowry that he had declared on his property declaration. Minister being a communist could not justify the dowry in terms of his declaration and got aggravated. With few days Thapa was called to the office and was informed about the show being cancelled. 

What kind of legal system do we have here in Nepal  that ensure any political party leader or minster do anything? It is completely abuse of authority where the government needs to correct the action by reinstating  the journalist and take strict action against such political figure who think they are beyond law.

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