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#Saptari killings: An act of Human Rights Violation

The Nepal Government has announced the killing of 5 Madeshi Morcha activists during the Saptari an unfortunate incident and has declared...

Right to Protest is a fundamental Right of any citizen

Nepal government’s recent ban on holing protest activities at the Maitighar Manadala which is a symbolic protest zones from past few decades has been hugely criticized by the public. The move is a simply an issue of public interest where public sentiment and FoE is hugely associated. Moreover the people are looking at the decision as a sad aspect of the current Communist regime which is trying to curb the democratic values of the citizen. People are hugely criticizing the move in view of the narrow mentality of limiting the protest to the outskirts of the city.

A total of 10 protesters  were arrested on Saturday after protesting against the new government rule.

The new rule was suppose to be enacted from 17 July 2017 where locations like Khula Manch, Tinkune Khula Chaur (Thinkune), Bhuinkhel Chaur (Bhaganpau), playground (Pepsicola), football ground (Sano Gaucharan), open space
in front of Social Welfare Council (Lainchaur) and Siphal Chaur (Gaushala) were set as protest zones in Kathmandu.

According to the constitution of Nepal Article 17 Right to Freedom  section 2, " No person shall be deprived of his or her personal liberty except in accordance with law."
Every citizen shall have the following freedoms:
(a) freedom of opinion and expression,
(b) freedom to assemble peaceably and without arms,
(c) freedom to form political parties,
(d) freedom to form unions and associations,
(e) freedom to move and reside in any part of Nepal,
(f) freedom to practice any profession, carry on any occupation, and establish and operate any industry, trade and business in any part of Nepal.

The Nepal Government decision has been hugely criticized by youth in social media where people are labeling it to be more autocratic.
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