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33KG of Gold smuggled out of TIA

The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police arrested three persons with 33 kilograms of undeclared gold which came through  UAE in an Air Arabia flight by Tribhuvan Internation Airport The 33kg of gold was then cleared the customs without interruption and was later arrested at Pinglasthan in Kathmandu.  Gopal Bahadur Shahi was arrested on the spot with the gold . The gold was in 282 bars of 10 tolas each, 19 finger rings and 20 necklaces wrapped with adhesive black tape. SP Mira Chaudhary, led the operation, which was followed by Shahi arrest.

Now the question is how come the gold cleared the custom without the security personnel attention. This raises a huge concern about the current state of TIA security and what were Nepal Police officers doing?

Nepal Police in 2013 had seized 35 kg of gold from the TIA bound for India. The gold had arrived in Nepal from Dubai in an Air Arabia flight.

The arrest certainly brings out the issue of how smugglers have been smuggling gold in association of airport staff and securtiy personnel. Though this is not the first case but such case certainly questions the security state of the TIA.  

24 TIA staff have been suspended in view of the gold racket but non of the Nepal police officers have been suspended whcih questions why the Nepal police officiers at TIA have been saved.

Following questions have been raised after the operation 
  1. The smuggling cannot be done randomly, it needs association and coordination of TIA staff, security officier, carriers, agents  and Investors   
  2. There are rumors of High-level Police officers being involved with this who is going to assure action aginst them 
  3. CBI of Nepal Police nabbing the culprits ceratinly highlights their performance but it also raises huge concern about the information source, did it came through INTERPOL that they could not ignore and they had to take action due to the infomration source or was it a coordinated operation it needs to be cleared.    
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