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#Saptari killings: An act of Human Rights Violation

The Nepal Government has announced the killing of 5 Madeshi Morcha activists during the Saptari an unfortunate incident and has declared...

23rd regional INTERPOL conference inagurated by Mr Prachanda

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal officially inaugurated the INTERPOL 23rd Asian Regional Conference here in Kathmandu Hotel Hyatt Regency. The conference is schedule for 3 days starting from today till 20th January. Nepal is hosting the event after 27 years which will be participated by representatives of  53 countries across Asia and the South Pacific region. the conference will highlight transnational crimes such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, ATM frauds, terrorism, cyber crime, financial crimes, environmental security, and counterfeit currencies, e-gambling, wildlife among others.

Looking back to the history #INTERPOL was the same organization which issued warrants against #Maoist leaders. Today #Prachanda inaugurated the 23rd INTERPOL regional conference in #Nepal

The BBC News in 2003 quotes, " The international police agency, Interpol, has issued arrest warrants for 11 top Nepalese rebels. They include the Maoist rebel leader, Prachanda, his second-in-command, Baburam Bhattarai, and spokesman Krishna Bahadur Mahara. More than 8,000 people have died in the Maoists' eight-year insurrection aimed at replacing the Himalayan kingdom's monarchy with a communist republic."

Ethically, Mr #Prachanda should have stepped down. He is responsible for the killing of 19000 people on morale grounds & he inaugurated the 23rd regional INTERPOL conference in #nepal

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