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Sushila Karki is above Law

 the chief Justice of Nepal has ordered the release of the Nayab Subba Shyam Aryal of Lalitpur district Court aginst his arrest by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority(CIAA) on Sunday. Aryal was arrested on 6th January red handed by the police officers of CIAA. Karki immediately issued an order to #CIAA on Sunday for the release of Nayab Subba Shyam Aryal questioning the authority of jurisdiction of CIAA for the arrest. 
After the order, a huge concern has been raised among the intellectual community about the decision. Maybe the decision is right or wrong but why is supreme court interfering in the jurisdiction of CIAA.

CIAA is an apex constitutional body to curb corruption and its tentacles in the country. The constitution of Nepal has empowered CIAA to investigate and probe cases against the persons holding any public office and their associates who are indulged in the abuse of authority by way of corruption.
The supreme court of Nepal protecting their own staff in the name of jurisdictions is an example of weak mentality of politics, ego & sad #leadership. By the current order issued by the Supreme court for the release of Aryal what should the people considered,

Does this mean corruption is legal in Nepal or  Sushila Karki is above law or should we say Nepal'a Supreme Court is above constitution.

Sushila Karki is the first woman chief justice of Nepal but on moral grounds she fails to gain any respect with making such decisions. 

From her appointment, till now she fairly proves to be unlike any other political appointment failing to change the system. Though there has been controversy about her appointment but Nepal's Judiciary getting influenced under the political system certainly questions the whole process of Justice system in Nepal.

Maybe, it's just the part of #Democracy but politics getting over the justice system and people being powerful beyond law and constitution certainly threats the overall process of governance.

Who should we blame the political party who in the name of popularity of woman leadership made an ego-centric woman a chief justice who want to make everything right and thinks she is beyond law or should we blame the public who keeps a silence about everything...........

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