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Presidential debate Trump vs Hillary

The presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton certainly was interesting and it seems to be pretty  provocative in terms of their backgrounds and their influences.
My judgment is Mr. Trump is a hard ass business fox and Hillary is a liberal political bureaucrat

Choice is ur #America ?
Vote for #leadership as it counts ....

My Take I think personally trump is more focused in terms of business language,  he is planning to use the same strategy that china used for their double boom economy and it seems radically very straight and very stiff. Though he doesn't seems to be diplomatic where I would certainly advise him to learn the skills towards public speaking. woman are not toys and you cannot be so pessimist. Mr trump you cannot buy everything in this world. If you lose it would be because of stinky mouth  

Similarly, Hillary on the other hand with the tools and issues of gender equality and public policy plays the diplomatic card. You cannot ignore the responsibilities of America but you cannot also ignore the debt that America is in. The priority is what matters.

The first policy of economy is to create job and you do that by making people invest in America not in other countries but having said that I am not ignoring the fact that public welfare should go hand by hand.

So whoever wins I think Trump is rude and obnoxious but he has a business point where Hillary is just playing her cards of  gender equality and social welfare.

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