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#Saptari killings: An act of Human Rights Violation

The Nepal Government has announced the killing of 5 Madeshi Morcha activists during the Saptari an unfortunate incident and has declared...

The master mind behind mahaabhiyog

It may sound rude why this mahaabhiyog at this time when Mr Lokman Singh Karki was about to make another so-called attack to reopen the corruption charges against the Maoist party  that happened during the warrior settlement process in 2008. Karki was all set to unveil the names and corruption charges aginst major Maoist and UML leaders who were involved during the whole process when the leading government representatives  filed a case of impeachment aginst him.  

In one of the national newspaper Naya Patrika it has been reported that how the UML leaders were not happy with the current activities of Lokman. In the interview it has also been mentioned that  how all the UML and Maiost leaders gather at Kalyan Shrestha  to find a solution to the problem.

On Wednesday evening,  157 lawmakers from the governing CPN (Maoist Centre) and the main opposition CPN-UML  registered an impeachment motion against Lokman Singh Karki, chief of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), at the Parliament Secretariat.

#Mahaabhiyog on what grounds still unknown. One name coming up is the supreme Court judge kalyan Shrestha. Is he the mastermind behind all this ..?
What should we think that our judiciary system is more connected in terms of being a tool for the political system.

Today when Thousands of cases are pending in the court and all they can do is this certainty showcases how our judiciary is getting involved with politics and its manipulation.
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