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#Saptari killings: An act of Human Rights Violation

The Nepal Government has announced the killing of 5 Madeshi Morcha activists during the Saptari an unfortunate incident and has declared...

The gap between poor and rich is widening

Its a reality that Nepal is moving more towards the crisis situation where the gap between the rich and poor is widening. With a vast difference of lifestyle and living standards, its creating an abnormality of social economical standards. More or less its not just an easy form of understanding the social economic indicator but alternately the values  are significantly changing creating an alteration  in social economic culture which has created a new heights of defining morale and ethical values.

People spending capacity is limited where inflation has gone up and  their income capacity is limited within selective sectors and group of people.

On the other side due to remittance people are receiving money from outside but when it come to their earning capacity it is limited within  the same percentage. The country receives about 100 Million rupees as remittance everyday specially from countries of  middle east and Europe but the money is further invested in fixed assets and contained in  banks. The Nepal government has not been able to do anything about the incoming money.    

It is really saddening as there are so many opportunity of investment and the government is silent about doing anything and facilitating the whole process

The Gap between ‪#‎Nepal‬ and ‪#‎Nepalese‬ is growing. The rich is getting richer & the poor is getting poorer. Individual people have money but the country is listed as the a Least Developed Country. We have politicians but they are not ‪#‎leaders‬
What a Dilemma but it's a simply ‪#‎reality‬ Smiles Vs inflation Vs BOxES Vs Tears
As simple as that . 
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