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Nepal is cursed for Wrong Leadership and Flash Flood

It seems Nepal has been cursed with wounds that falls back one after the other creating a vulnerable situation of instability and corruption...

PM KP Oli is not just PM but a bad comedian

PM KP Oli is the 38th Prime Minister of Nepal who has no regret in any of his cheap  public stunts.
while inaugurating International Wrestling Tournament in Kathmandu he poses for the above picture marking his power and supremacy.

It is during his  tenure that the devastating earthquake ( #NepalQuake) occurred and 9000 people lost their lives and still today people are suffering the consequences due to lack of disaster management by the Nepal Government.

If talking about the other issues even the petroleum crisis was something that highlighted the rise of Black marketing of petroleum products which to this day exists in terms of cooking LPG .
Still with so many drawbacks, he makes mockery of his inefficiency in terms of appearing in public and making fun of himself.

It has been around a year after the devastating earthquake and still the reconstruction process has not started and he is posing in front of the public and making fun. It seems he is making fun of not just himself but showing the public how bold and fast his political skills are.

Sad to say this but Nepal has such leaders who are not responsible to the public but they are responsible to their parties. Such leaders should not be facilitated but should be boycotted by the society for being efficient.

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