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Hari Parajuli Controversy ends in resignation

Hari Prasad Parajuli Agriculture Minister resigned from his position on Thursday after being allegedly reported of  sexual harassment allegations on social media and various news media.
He was bombarded with allegation of sexually harassing women on National Paddy Day celebration held in Capital’s Mulpani area on Tuesday.

Though various claims have been made regarding his innocence and victim defending the minister but reality lies in the picture and videos that clearly shows the uncomfortable situation the 70 years old woman was in. It clearly shows how the intoxicated minister digs himself in the bosoms and how he fails to realize that was wrong.

Now when there is a huge controversy going on to say the media has been manipulating the situation its disgracing in what kind of society we are living in. I regret to say that  people who have been supporting the minister have no judgement capacity, you can't see the women being in an uncomfortable situation and the minister trying to dig into the woman's chest is right.  Sorry but the definition of woman harassment cannot be changed as per people and their status.

so how do you define sexual harassment and how do you see it if it happened to your own family female members ?

I am ashamed to say we have such leaders who fail to be socially and morally be correct and fail to maintain their presence. Being a leader and standing up to thousands, you stand by examples. If we have leaders like these who fail to control themselves then they are bound to be jailed than to be called leaders.  

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