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COVID19 in Nepal Post strategy minister Yogesh Bhattarai

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Nepal is in Chaos with pro #COVID19 situation

Nepal is sinking towards the depths of uncertainty  and choas with the current series of events and decision made by the Nepal Government during the post #covid and  pro #Covid. On one hand there is a huge question raised towards Nepal government accountability and transparency about the COVID19 spending of 100 million where as on the other the public empathy has broken its limits with the limitation of lock down and lack of no exist policy.
Apart from that the a major break through was the new map of Nepal that hugely impacted the pro political situation of the anti Indian felling where there is a seriously rift going on in between the democratic and republicans.  The democrats are blaming the republican for introducing the  new map focusing  lower tolerance at the diplomatic side where as the republican are blaming the democrats for not taking any action during all these year about the conflict zone of Limpiyadhura and kalapani.

The controversial zone as per the British agreement falls in the Nepal region but due to the negligence and lack of ownership it was outcasted and was later taken over by the Indian side due to its strategic importance. Reality, the zone has been made conflicted with pure pressure and force as Nepal is a small country and Indian repression has always been pressuring the government in issues like these.

With various political parties and manipulation the public and opinions is diverted to the desired political agenda. The main problem is the lack of leadership and commitment that evolves within the  pride of anti Indian feeling and being too cautious about every decision made. Crisis demand promptness and diligence and if you keep on prolonging it creates challenges from all sides.

The Nepal Government has not been able to gain clarity in its strategy in the new annual budge and has given the public more burden of tax. This has further created a situation of anger and mistrust.

In this outcry various groups are manipulating the situation from their own sides

1. The MCC grant has been stretched by the opposition and they are not interested in resolving the problematic section but are trying to prove the MCC grant as a threat to the dying economy of Nepal
2. The pathetic Democrats of Nepal are more about why did you bring the new map. They Government touched the sensitive side Indian alliance, so they are hammering
3. The Republican sold out on the 100 million covid budget, man the PM funds are fully managed in an  accountable and scientific way
4. Nepal is being played by the Invisible powers trying to create uncertainty

The streets are full of youth activist  demanding accountability  for the 100 million spend but who is going to tell them to be accountable for the government we have to be accountable first. We have to pay our taxes and do the necessary. The Government is not asking for taxes for the 3 months of lock down its saying clear everything or submit your tax claims. If you don't than there so many organizations that are operational, only 3 months was shutdown not the 9 months so its time WE OPEN OUR EYES. ............................. 

Regarding tax, I see the government being fair nobody is asking for the money that they don't have, the government is asking to clear the tax. Bank rates have been reduced and the government is trying to facilitate the situation. 100 million is nothing for 3 months to manage the 30 million population and most important the  funds spends from PM Relief funds has its own system of accountability and transparency.

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