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Nepal is cursed for Wrong Leadership and Flash Flood

It seems Nepal has been cursed with wounds that falls back one after the other creating a vulnerable situation of instability and corruption...

COVID19 in Nepal Post strategy minister Yogesh Bhattarai


What a shame?

When we have worthless  #leaders like these, it's a shame not just to the country but to democratic values. We have selected the worst out of the worst.

It is government's responsibility to takecare of the public in #crisis. #COVID19 has evolved as a #pandemic  and the role and responsibilities of the government and its leaders are 2000% in finding solution and reliving public.

 When people are in need and  they can't feel government means you have #FAILED and you should not be giving explanation, you should be working 24/7 Mr Bhattarai.

Sad thing you are not a #leader  but a sad example of the system with no hope.....

The current situation of #Nepal has no solution, the government has left the public at the courtesy of #lockdown which has prolonged to it's level and there is no other solution. We don't have proper infrastructure, ventilators, and system. What are the public suppose to do?

People are dying with or without #Covid 

You and your family have been receiving the salary from the government but there are people in the streets crying and begging for work and food.  

 You came to the government by throwing stone and how would you understand the importance of public welfare. 

#Revolution and #change speaks one language of discrimination. There is only one difference in between people who have and who have not.

Giving limited #PCR testing for the #public is not a question of what Nepal government has done for the country but it's high time we think about  exist startegy ....

We pay taxes to Nepal government not for your salary but to safeguard #publicinterest and well-being 

When I write this blog I feel sad to say we have leaders like Yogesh bhattrai who say they are youth and who say they are working in a crisis situation. I feel sad when someone tries to justify something where you can see things are not done in the way it should have been but they pretend to be doing. The role and scope of leader is not just limited to the things that they have done, they have to take responsibility for thing that they have not been able to do which Mr Bhattarai doesn't understand. 

The government represents many  aspect of #Governance #legality #management #equality #development #cooperation #saftey #diversity #collaboration 

#Covid19 #Covid19Nepal

#YogeshBhattarai #organizedcorruption  #SDGs

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