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Prime Minister KP Oli above law: Tootle and Pathao Controversy

Recently, with the riff of Tootle and Pathao, the statement of Prime minister to  stop action against Tootle, Pathao is  against Law. He is just the head of the state and his role should be promulgating law. Directly interfering in official action is a question of his authority. He has breached his authority to influence against an illegal act. His intervention should have been to create feasible situation towards amending the law and to make people follow. How could he direct the official not to take action?

Is he  above law ? 

According to vehicle and transportation act 2049 article 8 sub section 2 , "It is illegal for any private number plate to transport people by taking money."
It clearly says there is no provision for services like tootle and Pathao to exist in our transportation system.  When the law has no provision how come such services have legal existence ?

Tootle and Pathao are private services which have various functionality in terms of their service. It is not as easy as a taxi service. They have layers of functionality with drivers and customers. This can be an issue in terms of insurance, tax, and various other accountability issues. Apart from that these service use technology and various web application so there is a need of cyber assurance as well.

In such scenario Prime Minister  KP Sharma Oli's statement come with a  direct representation of political culture of Nepal. It should have been  more focused towards a  solution than cashing the social media popularity. Sad thing governance in Nepal is a question of promulgation where even at leadership there are more hurdles that hinders the official from doing their job.

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November 24, 2019 at 10:31 AM delete

He is not above the law but he did the right thing. He has to step up again for again the taxi cartel is tumefying with new vigor. Laws must be amended, however, kudos to those who pioneered this new ride hailing service in the city despite the barrier set in place by the old and soon-to-be-obselte law. People love these services because it's simply cheap and fast. Tootle and Pathao value your time and money- simple fact. We need it.


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