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4 days of shutdown of Tribhuvan International Airport and still no result

From the last 4 days People have been stranded  at the Tribhuvan International Airport(TIA) due to  closed down after the Airbus A330 of Turkish Airlines skidded off  the runway at 7:45 a.m. Wednesday. The runway has been blocked by the plane’s wing and tail.

It was closely monitored when the visibility was very low and the incident happened when the pilot  failed to land the aircraft 2 times and on his last attempt when the TIA tower confirmed of landing had  landed  the plane in grassland.

Around 15,000 passengers of 80 international flights in and out from the TIA were stranded following the landing.

The only international airport of the country has come to a halt after a Turkish Airlines plane (TK726) skidded off the runway and veered onto the grassy shoulder after losing balance during landing on Wednesday. The aircraft was carrying 224 people aboard.

Nepal government had requested the Indian government to assist in transporting the removal kit to tow the stranded jet.

Morale of the story is for 4 days the country was blocked in terms of inbound and outbound flights from the run way and still there was no response from the concern government. The government failed to hand the situation in every terms of assuring relief to the passengers who were literally stranded at the airport lounges. Most of them who had money took refuge in the near by guest house but for the unfortunate ones had no choice.

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