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I am not may with KPOli

Currently #IAMWITHKPOLI Campaign has been trending in social media. Especially the young crowd has been supporting the IAMWITHKPOLI campaign in twitter with great energy which is very exceptional.  

More or less why should I be with KP Oli is a question that hits me more than blindly supporting him. Maybe people are supporting him aginst his stand for the Indian blockade  but people fail to understand that during #nepalblocakde, he did take a stand but he failed to manage the resources which proves that he is not a good leader at times of crisis.

When I say I am not with KP Oli doesn't mean, I am with Prachanda or Sher Bahadur Dueba.
 My question to all is what has these so called leaders done for the country. Looking  at the individual level, they have supported people for corruption and have contributed in one or the other hand for making the system more corrupt and increased the financial burden on the public.

So why should I support them ?

Now, getting back to KP Oli.

What has he done for the country?

Did he speed up the reconstruction process?
Did he do anything during the #NepalBlocakde ?

Just by cracking jokes and giving fake hope, he might get popular at social media and local crowd but at leadership level he has done nothing.

During the #Nepalbloackade when there was a crisis of black marketing he could not even control the market. He was in power and he waited for the Indian counterpart of resolution.

People were suffering and there was a situation of crisis but he failed to address the public.

Leadership is all about taking decisions for the public welfare, it is not about party politics and selfish motives, this is the reason why #IAMNOTWITHKPOLI

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