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Nepal is in Chaos with pro #COVID19 situation

Nepal is sinking towards the depths of uncertainty  and choas with the current series of events and decision made by the Nepal Governm...

Thapa makes it clear that India has been suppressing Nepal

After the awakening speech by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa at the United National Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva of Switzerland, there has been a series of endorsement received against the Indian Invisible blockade. The American embassy has issued a statement saying,  

"The United States is deeply concerned by the increasingly volatile situation along the Nepal-India border, resulting in critical shortages of fuel, medicine, and foodstuffs, including in areas still reeling from the devastating earthquakes of April and May.
With winter only weeks away, the international donor community is unable to deliver vital relief and shelter supplies to many vulnerable communities. Lives are at stake, and we are concerned that a humanitarian crisis may result. The United States calls on all those involved to redouble their efforts to resolve this crisis. Everyone should contribute to creating positive conditions for meaningful political dialogue to ensure that the constitution accommodates the aspirations of all Nepalis.
The United States stands ready to assist the people and government of Nepal as they continue along their democratic path and rebuild from the April earthquake."

Recently, Nepal came out with its version of Constitution after 9 years of struggle. The Constitution was approved by more than 86 percent of the constituent assembly where a fraction of group of people were dissatisfied . India has been lobby huge manipulation in the name of helping the Madhesi group. From the past two months petroleum and other necessary goods have been blocked at the boarder where the agitating group of people have been taking refuge in the Indian territory and blocking the import. Till now around 50 people have lost their lives in the name of agitation.    

There has been more speculation made about the current concern of the agitation but the main matter is the identity and rights of Madhesi group of people who believe their rights and contribution have been shadows.

Though more or less people are bound to suffer but there has been a huge concerned raised whether it is justifiable to create such situation in the name of politics.
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