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Krishna Mahara Sexual Harassment Controversy

Krishna Bahadur Mahara speaker of the House of Representative of Nepal resigned following an accusation of rape by Roshani Shahi. The controversy was already getting in the news when one after the other sequence of videos and interview release by Roshani has created a situation of
what happened that night.

First Roshani was interview by hamrokura.com which published a report on September 30, where Roshani  accuses Mahara of raping her in her own residence. The report speaks how Mahara came to her rented apartment located at Tinkune on Sunday evening and raped her. She talks loud about the details of the incident and further shows the communication happening in between them.
After few days she reports in a press conference of the allegation to be false. The whole country was shocked with what happened that night and suddenly this week she files a case in the police station of attempt to rape against Krishna Mahara.

This case clearly raises few things
1. Vulnerability of accusation of sexual harassment
2. High position people wrongly use power
3. Impact of such acts upon public 
4. Role and scope of  Nepal Police

The question here is not just about an allegation its a broader issues of how and Roshani has been changing her statement. The main question why she is doing so ? Is it because of the security issue or is it that Nepal police has not been able to do the procedural work?

The truth has to come out whoever is the guilty the guilty must brought to the book of law. 

In view of the controversy the secretariat of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) had pressurized Mahara to resign from the post of Speaker of the House of Representatives and has been demanding a resignation from his post of parliament member as well.

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