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Nepal is cursed for Wrong Leadership and Flash Flood

It seems Nepal has been cursed with wounds that falls back one after the other creating a vulnerable situation of instability and corruption...

Rekha Thapa is a feminist or a sexist

Rekha Thapa is a well know name in the Nepali film industry. She has survived the male dominated Nepali film industry with her different style commercial movies with a strong  attitude and arrogance.  If you talk about her movies and reputation then people love her for the selling aspect of her sexuality and commercial movies that she contributes to the Industry. Though at times she rise with  strong feminist opinions and comments but when it comes to her work and movies she seems to be very focused in commercials aspect of selling sex.

She is an iconic personality in terms of her movies where all her movies are block buster but have no meanings in terms of giving social message and morale values. its always women oriented movies with limited scope and point of story.

She has been very loud about her movies and kind of message she gives through her movies but in reality once you watch her movies those are just voices  of a weak sexist.

Time and again she has been surviving the industry with controversies of
1. Having affairs with younger costars
2. Kissing a Raute Man (Indigenous Native People)
3. Voicing out loud Feminism voice with no action
4. Rekha Foundation

She sound like a feminist but when you look at her real life she leads a voice of a Sexist and who believes in creating  controversies. 
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