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BIdhaya Bhandari the first woman President of Nepal

Bidhaya Bhandari is the first woman president of Nepal but does she represent the true leadership and empowerment is something that would be proven in the coming days. I am very reluctant about her achievements and I think she has been promoted to the post in terms of high nepotism that is being practiced in Nepal's political culture. She is just 54 years old and she has not contributed in terms of what there could have been a as a key for her to deserve the post.  To be more precise about the responsibilities and qualities of a president first we have to understand the true meaning of the credibility of presidential post.

I think Presidential post is something of great pride and honor not just for the position but for the whole nation. As defined in technical terms the president is the "Head of State" who is responsible for various aspects of appointment and consultation of important issues of the country. How can people be so lame about putting front a name that has no level of personal contribution?

A president is the caretaker and parent of the Constitution and the country. Despite the fact that the president is the high level authority who has the power of dealing in terms of great powers and at times of emergency though our Constitution limits the rights  but still as practice around the world that presidential power are unanimous of  its definition which are not limited at times of action and crisis.

Appointing Bidhay Bhandari to the post is the weak example of Nepal's politics where it shows the manipulation and gender baisness.  It is not a win of women empowerment but its a weak example of political culture of Nepal and the real state of women.

Hope walking by the shadows of ‪#‎KPOil‬ she would let her prove her ‪#‎leadership‬ but I barely see prospects. It has been speculated that She would just be a puppet in the hands of KP Oli.

If you look back to her career also she came to lime light after the husband death, in fact Madan Bhandari was a key player in Nepal's politics at that time when he was murdered. Bidhaya started her glorious political career  with the pity of her husband asking for votes.

Reality is a Presidential post is something that is morally challenged  and is related to prolific achievement.

What kind of political culture is this?
Where political leaders have no qualification and they are leading the civil services ...
Either the civil services should not have no qualification barriers or political culture should have a qualification limitation ....

Just don't let us down, a woman president for the sake of it is not the need. Hope she proves herself.
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